A new original TV series pilot The Yokai King™ available for buyers

Los Angeles, CAAugust 10, 2015

The Yokai King PosterShinca Television Entertainment is a contracted sales agent for the new original television show called The Yokai King™. Shinca is seeking a domestic and international buyer for the series. The show is already shot for 22-minute per episode and 13 episodes in total entirely in English.

The Yokai King is an upcoming American television series starring Shin Koyamada (Warner Bros’ “The Last Samurai” and Disney’s “Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior”) . The series created by Mark Hattori and produced by the Okinawa Entertainment Studio is based on the famous Japanese supernatural folklore characters called Yōkai mainly filmed in various locations of Okinawa, Japan in 2014. It was shot on 4K Red Epic camera.

Yokai are a class of Japanese famous supernatural creatures that have long held a prominent place in Japanese folklore. They come in a variety of forms – from hideous demons to mischievous creatures to heroes with supernatural powers. They are sometimes dangerous to humans since Yokai are not restrained by the laws of nature and those who are not already part animal, have the ability to shape shift.  The legend goes that Ippei (Shin Koyamada) was found by his foster father in a coconut shell on a beach. Although he was brought up as a normal boy, Ippei could see nature’s spirits, including Kijimuna invisible to human eyes. As with many legendary heroes Ippei was initially unaware of his supernatural talents and therefore his destiny.

The majority of the series filmed in various cities in Okinawa, Japan.

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