A television series The Spirit Shows™ available for buyers

Los Angeles, CAMay 1, 2015

0022Shinca Television Entertainment is a sales representative for The Spirit Shows™ and seeking for domestic and international buyers.

The Spirit Shows™ is a series of the documentary-style television shows of the Spirit Fashion™, Spirit Art™, Spirit Music™, Spirit Love™ and Spirit Earth™. The show was produced by Claudia Hallowell, Nia Lyte, Shin Koyamada, written by Claudia Hallowell, and distributed by the Spirit Show Network™ for new media in 2013.

Spirit Fashion
It is a 4~7 minute segment series/interview style format. It is about exploring the art of who we are through the art of fashion. As we do this, we open to expressing all areas of the lives we are creating, We will go deeper in this show as we do not focus only in the exterior of the clothes but the interior the Spirit, the Soul of the artists who create the clothes and set trends for billions of people to follow.

IMG_0016Spirit Art
Artists see the invisible and give birth to it. They bring alive the spirit of expression and hope for the world. Our imaginations are awakened, our hearts opened, our souls nourished by art that carries a positive spirit, be that paintings, music, film, writing, dance etc. This is needed now more than ever as we make new shifts in consciousness on our planet.

Spirit Music
Where would we be without music? We connect some of our most important moments with songs. Music nurtures our spirits and expresses what is in our hearts. Every decade has some magical quality that exemplifies the consciousness of that era.

Music helps create the emotions of the movies we see, television programs and so many aspects of our daily lives. Through Spirit Music Show we will connect in depth with musicians and the people involved in making music. We will focus on their unique gifts and talents, the spirit and soul of their music and the messages they bring to the world through interviews and experiencing the rhythm and sounds of their music.

0014Spirit Love
One could say that love is the glue that holds all things beautiful and good together in the world. We all seem to seek it. Our hearts break at the loss of it. Music, movies, the books we read high light its magic in one form or another.

Spirit Love Show will explore what love is to people of all ages: children, teenagers, adults and people who have been married for over half a century. Through interviews we will find what love means to individuals and couples in all walks of life as well as people of different cultures.

Spirit Earth
The show is about how Earth nurtures our spirits and souls and takes care of us and how we can in turn take care of our precious Earth. We will explore what celebrities and the unsung heroes of the world are doing that brings a positive spirit to Earth that may be through caring for animals and nature or it may be how people are 2reaching out to others in the smallest ways globally. Spirit Earth is a collage of the beauty and poetry of the human spirit expressed in the world that inspires, nurtures and awakens the spirit of life in each of us.


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